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I founded Twinkle Toes Software in 2013 on the belief that software products are most successful when the authors listen to their users. We're nimble - able to respond to change and adapt to challenges. Booked grew from a small department in a prestigious Chicago university to a product used around the world because we respect our users. We're rooted in the community and we listen to what's important to you and your organization.

Twinkle Toes is here to stand behind our products. Too many open source products are nebulous. Community support truly is a wonderful and inspirational part of the open source movement, but many of our users need the right solution right now. Twinkle Toes offers enterprise grade hosting, custom development, support and installation for those of you who need it. For those who don't, Booked will always be free and open.

Nick KorbelNick Korbel - Founder & President, Twinkle Toes Software